Biomassa Sound - Salento Summerclash 2018The concept of Biomassa Sound (or just Massah Sound) originates in the sunny south side of Switzerland, a region called Ticino right on the border with Italy, and more specifically in a little and beautiful village up in the hills named Meride.

The founders of the project are four friends with a common passion for the jamaican music and culture. After attending for some years several dancehalls all over Switzerland and Italy the crew begins to collect 45’s and Lp’s and to play them in small house-parties under the name of Biomassa.

In 2010 the team has the chance to play at the first real dance hosted by the veteran and longtime friends T-I Sound, getting some larger exposure and more and more bookings in Italy and Switzerland.

In 2011 together with some other friends, the group travels for the first time to Jamaica, gaining more knowledge and awareness of the music and the culture they love and want to promote. Once back home, the sound decides to change the equipment, opting for a more versatile and practical support such as a digital one so as to diversify its selection and including a larger choice of music and different genres.

In 2012, for its second birthday bash, Biomassa brings for the first time in Ticino and Switzerland a youth named Kabaka Pyramid, proving its attitude to keep an eye out for the young, upcoming artists and its will to promote and support them. The team also gets caught up from early in the sound clash worldwide scene, being enthusiast about it and starting to build a dubbox of its own.

In March 2013 Biomassa participates in and wins its first “musical war” in Milan, the “Mortal Kombat Clash Young Blood Edition”, a competition for upcoming sounds hailing from Switzerland and Italy. The next year Biomassa it’s invited again as the defending champion and gets back to back victories in the second edition of the “Mortal Kombat Clash”.

In September 2014 the crew wins its third trophy in a row, this time in Switzerland at the “Kill & Destroy Sound Clash” in Olten.

Their next Clash is in Zürich in December 2015, where Biomassa defeats Fenshi Sound (DE) and Splendid Sound (PL) at the first edition of the “Knockout Sound Clash”. A Month later Biomassa participates at the second edition of the “Kill & Destroy Sound Clash”, where the crew loses the competition at the last tune in dub fi dub.

In 2016 Biomassa participates at the first edition of the Bavarian Cup Clash in Regensburg, Germany, where the sound puts up a impressing performance against Irie Sound from Austria but has to surrender in dub fi dub after a strong lead in the previous rounds.
In the last years the sound clashed at the Euro Rumble in Wuppertal (DE) and at the War Pon The River Tag Team Clash in Fieberbrunn (AT) alongside Jemani Jahka Sound always proving a real hardcore attitude to the european soundclash scene.

In the past years Biomassa Sound played all over Europe alongside sounds like T-I, Ma Gash, Soul Rebel, Ganjaforce, K.O.S. Crew, Max Rubadub, Pow Pow Movement, Jugglerz, Irie Crew, Real Rock, Jimmy Spliff, Rising Hope, Root Block & many more, and shared the stage with artists such as Kabaka Pyramid, Randy Valentine, General Levy, Elijah, Sud Sound System, Cookie The Herbalist, Lord Madness….

A Biomassa dance guarantees the best vibes from dusk till dawn and goes from evergreen foundation hits to the latests dancehall anthems, to club bangers and more. And of course the sound is always happy to get the chance to prove itself on the battlefield, making “clashing” its first goal and ambition.